Leaf Blowers Review

You can use a leaf blower to beautify your lawn and save yourself time and a sore back. Using powerful motors, these devices allow you to blow all the debris on your lawn to one place for easy cleanup. Many of the best leaf blowers also feature a vacuum tool. With it, you can suck up mulch, leaves and other rubbish you find around your yard, just as you would with a household vacuum.

Using powerful engines, many of the best leaf blowers can blow air at more than 200 miles per hour. However, they also feature speed-controlling options that allow you to choose how powerful you wish the device to blow. And for long, tedious yard work, many of these devices are designed for easy long-term carrying. You won't have a difficult time holding these garden blowers while moving around your yard.

Leaf Blowers: What to Look For

The variety of leaf blowers includes electric, gas, cordless and backpack styles. Each type of blower is best suited for a specific yard or circumstance. If you have a large yard, a cordless or gas-powered leaf blower is your best option, while an electric blower must be tethered to an outlet. Additionally, gas leaf blowers are much louder than many other blowers, and electric devices are much lighter. Backpack blowers are much more maneuverable and easy to carry for long periods of time. The right device will differ depending upon your yard and your plans for it.

When looking for the best leaf blower, think about your circumstances and decide which type of blower will work best for you. Consider the device's maneuverability, additional features such as vacuuming capabilities and its overall design. Below are the specifics we looked for when we searched for the best leaf blowers.

When you're looking for the right leaf blower, first make sure to find a device that will easily cover the length of your yard. You want a device that will save you time and a few sore muscles. If you decide you want an electric leaf blower, make sure the cord reaches the length of your yard, or get the necessary extension cords. Most cords reach a maximum of 100 feet. If you choose a cordless leaf blower, be aware that they do not have the power that gas and electric leaf blowers do.

Additional Features
Many leaf blowers also function as all-materials vacuums. This allows you to suck up mulch and other debris that cover your yard without bending over repeatedly to pick them up. Also consider the leaf blower's noise level. These devices are known for being loud, but many have low-noise settings to make them much quieter during use.

Another critical aspect of a garden blower is its warranty. The best leaf blowers offer a three-year warranty or longer.

The design of your leaf blower is critical. You want a lightweight blower that you can easily carry during long projects. Many of these devices also have no-slip soft grips that help prevent injury and also aid you in carrying the device for extended periods of time. Additionally, look for a leaf blower that has a two-piece blower tube, which allows you to blow objects even farther away, as well as adjustable air tubes that allow you to control the airflow through the device.

If you consider all of the aspects listed above, you will have the information you need to choose a powerful leaf blower to help you complete your yard projects and reap the reward of a beautiful lawn.

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